The Books

Welcome To Reality (2009) – John Wallace told himself he could retire at 50, and then 60, and now at 70, he thinks he has found the perfect little mountain resort town in New Mexico to finally get away from the complexities of big-city crime, corruption, and control. When John finds himself the target of small-town politics and greed, for the first time in his life, he fears for his safety and well-being. Threatened, shackled, and even thrown in jail, he discovers that justice does not always take place in the courtroom.

Welcome to Reality Official Book Trailer

Corporacracy (2010) – This novel follows ambitious journalist Jim Curry and his partner Gert as they try to unearth information that someone does not want them to find. When Curry is shown the dark underbelly of American politics which is heavily embroiled in corporate dealings, his biggest mistake is trying to alert the public.This gripping tale serves to highlight the disconcerting amount of influence which corporations are able to wield in the political arena and in the lives of all Americans.

Corporacracy Official Book Trailer

A Day of Life: Moments In Time (2012) – This novel takes mankind as a protagonist on a daily journey through time where one human 7 billion days ago counts down to day one and an environment coping with 7 billion humans. The author tries to create a conscious awareness within the reader of the five life forms and the six constants—the imbalance of which has plagued mankind to this day.

A Day of Life is meant to encourage the reader to draw his/her own conclusions regarding the life forms and constants, and to make choices as to the immanency of a possible systemic collapse from exponential expansion.

Praise for A Day of Life

“The Writing Displays a Welcome Freshness” – Whitney Azoy

“The author is an impeccable storyteller… However, this book holds a deeper meaning than just traveling through time, which may challenge the average reader…It’s a primer, so to speak, on the human condition.” – US Review of Books


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