About the Author

I’m a business manager, property owner, pilot, skier, diver, plumber, and philanthropist. In the last eight years, I’ve also become a writer.  I’m nearing my eighth decade of a full life, and in recent years I’ve felt the need to describe my vast experiences with pen and paper. While I’m not an academic scholar, I think it’s safe to say I have a lot of observations to share.  Hopefully some of them will be useful to others!

I was born in 1933 and developed a flair for business at a young age. I’ve tried to put that back into my community as much as possible.  When I was a board member of the Madison Exchange Club, I made the founding of the Madison Exchange Club Prevention of Child Abuse Center and its ultimate association with the Madison Family Center. The onset of my retirement combined with an acute awareness of the injustices that riddle our political system prompted prompted me to put my experience and insight into writing. My encounters in various forms of business and property development caused numerous confrontations with corporations and local authorities, events which have been incorporated into my writing.

My most recent project – A Day of Life: Moments In Time – seeks to raise awareness of these social and global issues which have taken an increasing toll on all forms of life from the beginning of time.


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