Coming Soon!

Jerry is collaborating with UW Madison Graduates and students to create The Encyclopedia of Observations: A Creed for Living Life.  This philosophical self-help text is meant for all ages and nationalities, and is designed to make the reader go beyond the superficial elements of their daily life and to look within themselves for answers.

In Jerry’s words:

By opening the cover to this encyclopedia, you will find a guide to life. No, it is not religion; it is not a textbook, a novel, or a non-fiction memoir. “OBES” uses words in a uniquely formulated way to entice the reader to re-direct his/her life in a positive way and in harmony with other living entities, while simultaneously coping with present day problems we are all facing. It holds short stories, proverbs, poems, and charts that will help you to answer the questions that you have about how to live your life. This book will not tell you how to live your life, nor will it give you explicit answers to your problems. What it will do is help you find the answers that you seek through observation and critical thinking.

As you stroll through the leaves of this text, keep in mind that there is little structure—you can open at practically any page and you will find prompts and poems that will spark your mind into a storm of thought. There is an overarching narrative that grows at the beginning of each chapter, but consider this to be an exhibit within this museum of life lessons rather than a central pillar.

This book is also intended to be accessible to everyone. Whether you work on transmissions or particle accelerators, you will find that the ideas within are tender and rich, so that you can chew and digest without undue stress.


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