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COMMITMENT: A promise to remain bound to someone or something. We all make commitments of varying significance and scope; marriage is a commitment, as is an agreement between friends to meet at a specific time. The strength and responsibility wielded by a commitment that you make is dictated by the people involved and the nature of the arrangement. Is it ever good to back out of a commitment? What or who are you committed to in your life? How often do you pledge or obligate yourself to do something? Do you contemplate commitments carefully? Do you honor the commitments that you make? How often do you accept a promise by another to accomplish something?

In a special address to the nation, President Obama announced the United States’ commitment to obliterating global terrorism. Specifically, the President explained that the ISIS/ISIL terrorist group operating in Iraq and Syria represent a clear and credible threat to the US and many other nations. After mentioning the recent beheadings of two American journalists by ISIL, the president went on to say that the US and our partners in the global coalition are ready to make more of a commitment to Iraq because they have created an inclusive new government.
President Obama, in making a public commitment, has reacted to media and public outcry by promising reciprocative action against ISIL. What, however, can the commitment be beyond the conflict? Could it be a commitment to root out the greed that sponsors the production and spread of weapons? How about a commitment to stopping the flow of money (i.e. to ISIL) from the black market? Or, maybe a commitment should be made to educate and inform the downtrodden and oppressed that there are alternatives to subjugation?