Control: Power over something which allows you to guide, repress, constrain/restrain or manage it. Maintaining control of your life seems daunting at times. You must have the presence of mind to employ self control when possible and to exert power over others (only) when they cannot. Control can be overt or completely hidden; it is worth following the chain of command to see who the puppeteer at the top is before you pass judgment. Are you in control of your life? Who else or what else is capable of exerting control over you? To be in control of your life you must strike a balance between your motives and decisions in which you take pleasure. When both exist in balance you will feel like you are in control of your life. When pleasures or pains become too plentiful, can life suddenly seem out of control? Do you employ self-control when necessary? Think of your mind as the control center of your body and then resolve to control the center. Can control of others be mastered in many ways and carry many responsibilities? Have you connected the dots of control as it relates to politics, legislation, money, media and everything outside of your world? [You are welcome to join discussion with your observations] On any given day, you can browse through the news and notice many stories that concern “control.” Whether it is gun control, birth control, animal control, or merely someone out of control, the news has it covered. Of course, there is the Ukrainian conflict where reports of Russian control of the Crimean Peninsula are more credible now that Crimean officials have begun to pay pensioners with Russian currency (Washington Post). In a more positive story, our current administration and the fight against terrorism scored a big victory via Japan’s sanctioning the U.S. to assume control of a large collection of uranium and plutonium that might have otherwise found its way (i.e. theft) into the nuclear weapons of terrorists (New York Times). Last but definitely not least, a news story about corporate control . . . of our global food supply! According to S. Kolhatkar (Truthdig.com), DOW Chemical, ConAgra, Cargill, Monsanto and PepsiCo are giant corporations that serve as “a bottleneck through which most of the world’s food is forced, in order to feed most of the world’s people.” And, if you think that this control of the world’s food supply by these giant corporations is for the best or that it is not a big deal, Kolhatkar reports that their “method [is] environmentally unsustainable given its over-reliance on chemical fertilizers, pesticides and fossil fuels, but it is also inefficient at actually feeding people.” As a result of the giant corporations and their focus on growing soy, corn, and cereals, more nutritious indigenous food is not being grown by smaller local farmers throughout the world because they cannot compete. The giant corporations’ control of land, seed, and all things related to farming ensure their continued control. A report stating as much, which Kolhatkar explains went mostly unnoticed in the U.S., was submitted to the U.N. advising a radical change to the corporate controlled global food system: local and democratic control that will break the political power and monopoly that large food /seed corporations have over our food. Good, let us hope this corporocracy is changed soon. Similar to the words “money” and “power,” the word control is a multifaceted concept that does not fit neatly into the categories of good and bad.