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Perseverance: is closely related to achievement in that one’s determination and willpower to overcome the difficulties, obstacles, and problems in the way of maintaining one’s belief or satisfying one’s goal frequently creates an achievement. Yet, is perseverance learned or are we born with it? Undoubtedly, some individuals possess an innate ability to commit themselves to a specific belief, course of action or loyalty with an almost absolute conviction and little-to-no self doubt. However, do others have to learn to persevere?

Early in life, many people observe that perseverance and hard work are the main components of success and achievement. Regardless of the goal, be it earning a college degree, building a company, raising one’s children, taking care of those with long-term illnesses, or many other situations where the road to achievement is long, rocky and steep, perseverance is an important human trait and has been so throughout human history. For example, do you think that without perseverance many things that we take for granted everything from cell phones and tablets to the wheel and our ability to create and harness the power of fire, would exist? Do you think all human-beings have the ability to persevere through adversity toward that which they desire?; does this hold true whether we are speaking about scientific and social achievements or those achievements that are more personal and spiritual in nature?

Achievement: is as much of a part of the human drama as perseverance. Is achieving something, however, an end to itself? What is your motive for achievement? For many, each experience of achievement facilitates an increased belief in one’s ability to achieve in other endeavors. Does achievement layered upon previous achievements drive progress and strengthen one’s confidence that positive change can be actualized through perseverance and diligence to achieve a specific outcome? Achieving what one sets out to do serves as the motivational proof that one has the capacity to persevere and work through the hardships and pitfalls of life that we all face. Are perseverance and achievement inseparable from human progress and positive change, both, at the societal and individual level?