Since the United States of America became a nation in 1776, the people have always looked to the Constitution for guidance.  However, who does the Constitution protect?  Over time, the answer to this question has changed.

The Constitution protects the sovereign entities in this country.  At the document’s inception, only citizens of the United States were sovereigns and the document worked “for the people.”  The 41st Congress changed all that.  The Act of 1871, passed by the 41st Congress, instituted a separate government for the District of Columbia.  In addition, it made the United States a corporation – defined as a company or group of people authorized to act as a single entity (legally a person) under the law.  Title 28 3002 (15) [A] of the United States Code clearly states: “’United States means – a Federal corporation.”  Logically, this is a problem.  If the United States is a sovereign entity under the law, but they are still the government that makes the law, it is always self-serving.

An even greater problem was created by the Act of 1871 though.  It also changed the wording of the Constitution from “for the people” to “of the people.”  Now, each individual citizen isn’t a sovereign.  Instead, the government which we are under is considered the sovereign – making us powerless “slaves” to the Uniform Commercial Code and the laws which our government makes!  Since we are not considered sovereigns, we have no power to resist.

The United States operates as a corporation.  Unlike a normal corporation though, they don’t have to sell a product or service.  Instead, they simply take their economic “slaves’” (U.S. citizens’) money and invest it however they please.  Because paying taxes is the law, made and enforced by the sovereign over us, we have no power to resist these laws.  They do invest the money in some services that most citizens can agree are good such as emergency services and transportation services.  However, they also use a lot of our money to pay the enormous wages of our “representatives” and to bailout private corporations that pay politicians to give them economic favors.

We can see examples of corporate control in America every day.  The stock market goes up and down at the will of the wealthy banking industry.  Gas prices increase and decrease frequently, but in the long run they have increased steadily.  Oil company executives know that we are like addicts – we can’t live without our vehicles – so we are at their mercy when it comes to oil prices.  However, these are all private companies.  When we see that it is our own government who treats us as economic slaves, it is a lot tougher to swallow.  How can we fight our own government though?  It seems that the only way is to spread the word about this injustice.  Once all citizens know of this, it is possible to resist the governmental entity and regain our individual sovereignty.