100% agree… Business as usual in this country NEEDS to be reexamined. We are toppling downhill towards ruin while a small minority makes an obscene amount of money.

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There needs to be a healthy debate about corporations because business as usual is killing this country.

First I want to set aside the idea of “small business.” The tax definition is simply a business which has a small number of owners, so the Koch brothers own small businesses. It is a completely useless definition. Let me also set aside all “little” business that are owned and operated by the same folks. I am a part of several of these. These businesses are run by the same people who own them and generally aren’t incorporated, but might be.

What I am talking about are larger corporations with hired gun CEO’s and Boards of Trustees. Here’s the problem: these corporations are run based on totally fallacious “business models” that are ruinous to this country. Here’s why I say this.

Public owned corporations, those with stock “shareholders,” are completely distorted by the…

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