It causes our wars and fosters feudalism (Democrats and Republicans controlling our government, and the Federal Reserve inflating our money).

It is causing the collapse of our financial and monetary systems, and it is destroying our jobs and economy.

It pollutes the world you live in, resulting in natural disasters and rising energy costs.

It is when presidential nominees tell us that “corporations are people”.

It is what you should be concerned about, because if it isn’t affecting you now, sooner or later it will bite.It is corporacracy, a social force that describes how the above travesties are the result of people’s naturally forming themselves into groups to further their own agendas at the expense of others. Corporations rule today’s world with their own rules, money, and connections. Corrupt politicians pander to them to pad their pockets for election season, all while ignoring their real duty to citizens.

Support local businesses and domestic innovation, and support those who really espouse your ideals instead of the big political parties. If you want to defeat the status quo by making corporacracy work for us, then you must first learn more about it. My website has more general information about this phenomenon, and this blog has been largely devoted to highlighting relevant instances in current events. Most importantly, tell others. Spread the word by liking this post, following me on this blog and twitter (@revelationtoo) and sharing with your friends and familiy!