I got the below text in an email, and thought it too pertinent not to share on my blog. The nefarious Koch brothers latest project is the acquisition of the Chicago Tribune, and all media subsidiaries which are owned by it. These guys are leading the charge against the scientific community, and are largely responsible for the climate change denial noise machine. Propaganda ceases to become effective only when it is recognized as such; we need to spread the word far and wide what their intentions are. Their junk science pushing agenda is nothing more than a selfish plot to pad their own pockets at the expense of the Earth and all of its inhabitants, present and future.

So take a look, comment and share! Spread the word!

Petrochemical billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch are vying to purchase the Tribune Company’s media assets, including TV stations across the country and major papers with a history of reliable climate coverage.

Under Koch ownership, millions of readers and TV viewers will no longer get the full story on climate. If the Kochs buy Tribune, we can say goodbye to pieces like “No Denying It,” an editorial denouncing climate change deniers that the Tribune ran last October.

Sign the petition to Tribune CEO Peter Liguori: “Do not sell the Chicago Tribune and other assets to David and Charles Koch, or any climate-denying propagandists.”

The owners of the Tribune Company are soliciting offers on the papers now. All of us who rely on a free and honest press —especially communities served by Tribune outlets like the Chicago Tribune—are key stakeholders in the decision.  If enough of us make it clear that we don’t want nationally influential papers—from the LA Times to the the widely-read Spanish publication Hoy—turned into a propaganda outlets for climate deniers, the Tribune Company board will have to listen.

Our friends at Daily Kos and the Courage Campaign have already mobilized 100,000 people to tell the Tribune Company to stay Koch-free because of their anti-science, anti-health, anti-labor agenda. Add your voice against Koch ownership of the Tribune Company by signing the petition:

Click here to tell the Tribune Company not to sell to the Kochs.

Tribune CEO Peter Liguori has said he is committed to “best-in-class journalism” for his company—something that would be underminded if anti-science billionaires take ownership. These news outlets aren’t just financial assets, they’re essential assets to a healthy democracy. Millions of people count on them for unbiased reporting and well-respected political endorsements.

We’ve come to rely on papers like the LA Times for strong coverage. When out-of-state oil companies, including Koch Industries, tried to repeal California’s first-in-the-nation global warming law in 2010, it took great coverage and a strong editorial by the state’s largest paper, the Times, to help defeat Prop 23. But the carbon kings didn’t give up there—they want to buy the Times and other major assets in order to push radical climate change denial on the general public.

Now, they want to expand their audience from corrupt politicians and misinformed voters to the big time. The purchase of Tribune would give the Koch brothers ownership over television stations in major cities like New York, San Diego, Chicago, and Houston, in addition to some of the biggest papers in the country, including the LA Times, the Chicago Tribune, and the Baltimore Sun. We can’t allow hallowed journalistic institutions to become mouthpieces for the Kochs’ corrupt agenda. 

Tell the Tribune Company: “Do not sell major assets like the Chicago Tribune to David and Charles Koch, or any other climate-denying propagandists.”

When you sign the petition, please add a comment about why strong climate reporting and editorials are important to you. By showing Tribune Company executives that the public counts on them for accurate and informative journalism, we can help persuade them not to sell to climate change deniers.

Factually yours,
Brad, Jordan, Daniel, Emily, and the rest of the Forecast the Facts team


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