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Irish journalist Vincent Browne refuses to accept a big banking representative’s trite prevarications, which “address the question” but fall short of actually answering it. We need more journalists like this!

I especially like the banker’s condescending analogy in the beginning, in which he compares Mr. Browne’s knowledge of the banking industry to the trivial and superficial knowledge of a taxi driver in a large city. This is both a dodge and an insult; an attempt at both discrediting Vincent Brown as a journalist and creating a divide between the financial system and the public it steals from, to the tune of: “it’s far too complicated for you common people to understand what we do, so you should just trust us.”

When Browne takes this analogy and uses it to press him for a real answer to his question, the charming smiles and titter-inducing analogies come to an abrupt halt; the banker remains stone faced and silent–a deer in the headlights–while his assistant uses equally evasive language to speak for him to ask for an easier question.

Once slimy, double-speaking corporate figureheads are put on their heels and made to account for their actions, the facade slips away and their cruel greed is laid bare.

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