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The goal of any ethically sound scientist is to be as empirically exact as possible so as to draw conclusions which most closely resemble absolute truth. In the realm of climate science, there is no profit to be made from telling the public the truth about the environment; they simply gather information as best they can, using increasingly sophisticated technology, and relay it as exactly as possible to those that it effects– in this case an entire world which will be increasingly ravaged by anthropogenic climate change.

When one examines the facts and studies put forth by the most erudite and painstakingly methodical scientists of our age, it is hard to believe that there are still people who deny that the Earth’s climate is changing. One would think that these scientists would be able to dispel rumors circling their field about “junk science” and “natural climatic fluctuations” that opponents so often cite if given the opportunity to have a formal debate on an even playing field.

The problem here is, the climate change playing field is far from even; they fight an uphill battle against enormous moneyed special interest groups which have an endless supply of money to throw at discrediting the scientific majority.

These moneyed interests are those who profit enormously from denying climate change- I’m talking about the fossil fuel industry. Time and time again, billionaires involved in peddling environment degrading fossil fuels have been connected to the supposed “scientists” and publicly outspoken skeptics. So this swollen industry is able to throw money at the massive amounts of scientific data that threatens to lower their profits and just make it disappear… or appear less correct to gullible Americans.

It is sickening that swollen international corporations- Koch Industries is a good example– are allowed to essentially brainwash people into continuing to ignore the havoc that is being wreaked upon our environment. As politicians suckling at the Big Oil teat continue to publicly ignore and discredit scientists, they are hurting the very constituents they claim to represent. Beyond physically endangering them with floods and natural disasters that have come with global warming, they are crippling their minds by spreading overtly false information which was contrived purely to confuse and dilute real scientific study. Big Oil has funded “projects to ruin science education in schools, to pay people to show up at demonstrations, to fund “research” that confuses, if not attempts (unsuccessfully) to throw false wrenches in the intricate and vital scientific machine.” From an early age, Americans are being lulled into a fantasy world that throws all things intellectual and empirical under the ignorance bus to make more profits for the already rich and powerful.

These disgusting figures behind this culture of ignorance could not care less about the ravaging effects that climate change has and will continue to have on our country. Why would they? The cycle our country is embroiled in allows them to throw a bit of money at the problem, which then pales in comparison to the amount of profit their evil little investment generates by getting legislators off their back. A recent report stated that Corporations get a 22,000% return on investment from lobbying. You don’t need to be too business savvy to recognize that this is a FANTASTIC investment for them. So this vicious cycle will continue: our children will be indoctrinated by greedy special interests while our Earth spins wildly out of control.


Unless we stand up to ignorance, expose the fraudulent scientists on the corporate payroll, and expose the paper trail that links climate denial to its ill intentioned and deep pocketed propagators.

If you can’t make the connection between the enormous interests that fund denial, and furthermore, their obvious motives, maybe you are better off living in a fantasy world.

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