New Book A Day of Life Explores Journey of Humanity

Historical fiction moves through “Moments in Time” to elucidate humankind’s perpetual challenges.

A Day of Life: Moments in Time embarks on a journey across the vast horizons of human experience to explore the consequences of evolving differences. Each chapter offers a new protagonist who illuminates the overarching progress of man throughout the history of life – observing, learning, and interacting with the constants that face humanity. At the heart of his journey are his observations of the effects that humans have impressed upon the Earth, both using and abusing the natural resources the Earth has provided for both the betterment and destruction of humans and the world around them. Human shares his story as a response to these imbalances, and offers an illustration of the often overlooked consequences that these imbalances implicate.

A Day of Life: Moments in Time is a culmination of social theories which intends to fan the fire in the belly of the reader through the philosophical dilemmas presented in each chapter. The book reads as a collection of short stories, but carries a fluid philosophy with which each individual character interacts. The reader traces the quandaries of humanity as the text invites life’s toughest questions and conflicts to be considered. This short text is a microcosm of philosophical dilemmas that all humans deal with each and every day, presented in several moments across time and space, and encompassing such characters as Genghis Khan, Henry Ford and more, both real and devised based on historical research.