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The variation in weather that I have experienced in New Mexico over the last week is unbelievable!

In twenty four hours time, I went from being comfortable in short sleeves and shorts to needing a winter coat just to go get the newspaper! My disbelief and confusion brought on by the strange weather and my own personal predicament has—as it often does—led me to think about how this problem effects everyone on this Earth.

There is no doubt that the climate is changing, and that humans are to blame. The problem, however, is that many people have profited enormously from various things that have caused this change, and are not willing to let the cold hard fact that they are dooming the Earth to stem their flow of profits.

So what do they do? They spend millions of dollars to make it seem as if the overwhelming amount of scientific data that points to anthropogenic global warming is actually “inconclusive” and “doubted” by certain scientists. As the first article I linked clearly shows, those peer reviewed (The only type of scientific publications that have any kind of credibility) studies which denied human caused climate change accounted for .17% of all papers published on the subject. That means that only 1 in 581 scientists take issue with the fact that humans are demonstrably heating up the Earth.

When we look at these numbers, it becomes increasingly clear that the opposition to legislation to combat climate change and preserve the environment was constructed from an enormous campaign of misinformation with an ulterior motive. (profit at the cost of everything else)

By pushing ideas that paint the effort to save the environment as government greed, e.g. “They are stealing our American freedom!”, enormous, bloated corporations are able to gain support of people who do not realize that they are building their own coffins. These corporations only stand to gain from exploiting the climate; as it always goes, they will be insulated by lawyers and lobbyists from the mess that they have created explodes. These people at the top clearly know that climate change is real: why else would people like the Koch brothers spend over $60 million to push information to the contrary?

It is not a question of whether or not we are warming the climate. Scientists have concluded that we are. This is an issue of whether or not we will able to look past the selfish interests of those who have megaphones made of money and stop the change before it reaches a tipping point from which we cannot return. Natural disasters are getting worse, resources are being diminished and the Earth is changing even faster than originally predicted. It is time we stop letting corporacracy get in the way of the collective interest of the Earth and all of its inhabitants. As always my intent is to raise awareness, so spread the word! Comment and share!