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Jerry Welch
Outskirts Press (2010)
ISBN 9781432763060
Reviewed by Brent McLean for Reader Views (11/12)

If we look back on recent history and how corporations and government seem to always win and the normal law-abiding middle-class citizens seems to lose, one could wonder how this could happen. The term ‘Corporacracy’ derives from the blurriness of corporations operating within a democratic society and elite few are empowered and control the government.  Jerry Welch’s book, “Corporacracy,” delves into the highest level of corporate America and the influence rich and powerful CEO’s have to manipulate elections in order for corporations to influence and control their own power and financial destiny.

We follow journalist Jim Curry as he obtains a few interesting leads that turn out to be more than he possibly imagines. His discoveries lead him to follow the evil CEO that also just happens to run the company owning the newspaper he where he is employed.

“Corporacracy” is a political fiction novel, however, when I first began reading the book, I had to check twice to be sure it was a novel and not based on real events from the 1990s. Naturally, it is fiction, but the author’s use of these events highlight the possibilities we are faced with then and even more so now.

The book is a short and fast read as you follow Curry’s discoveries and the path of corporate
influence on upcoming elections and the future of America. This is not a little man versus big corporation America type of story, but a political thriller that as you read or put the book down makes you think differently about the world around you today.

Everyone has a different view on corporate America and politicians. The recent economic crisis, continuation of high unemployment and the fact Congress is not able to work together for the American people makes you wonder who the politicians are really working for.

When you look at the choice Americans have in the coming weeks with the upcoming elections,
“Corporacracy” by Jerry Welch may make you think again about how politics impacts your life and what or who really impacts politicians.