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My team of UW-Madison graduates and I have been hard at work on my upcoming book, A Day of Life: Moments in Time. I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about this exciting project!

After writing about conflicts that have effected me personally and our nation as a whole in my previous two novels, Welcome to Reality and Corporacracy, I wanted to look deeper and go beyond to explore the roots of these problems. A Day of Life: Moments in Time seeks to do just this.

The unique text takes mankind as a protagonist on a daily journey through time where one human 7 billion days ago counts down to day one and an environment coping with 7 billion humans. I have tried to create a conscious awareness within the reader of the five life forms and the six constants—the imbalance of which has plagued humankind to this day.

A Day of Life is meant to encourage the reader to draw his/her own conclusions regarding the life forms and constants, and to make choices as to the immanency of a possible systemic collapse from exponential expansion.

I will be posting a few excerpts and possibly whole chapters once the book is published!